If there is a healthy alternative, you can be sure Katie will incorporate it and work with your dietary needs - no processed sugar here! Exceptional quality is the everyday standard. 

Katie uses fresh, organic ingredients and uses locally sourced products when available. She is dedicated to sustainability within her company with a passion for serving her community.


Most importantly, I love to eat food-all kinds of food! I am, however, somewhat of a food snob… 

Back in 2010, I made the long trek across the States from Anchorage, Alaska, to New Hampshire. But, I was born and raised in Klamath Falls, Oregon and I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Nuclear Medicine. Recently retired from a local bakery where I worked as a pastry chef, I am now pursuing my long-time dream of cooking food for people!

You may be asking yourself... how does a nuclear medical professional become a chef?

My mother.

Even now, my mom was and IS my biggest inspiration and supporter! 


She was often in the kitchen cooking meals, but her true passion was baking. I can remember helping her roll out and cut egg noodles for homemade chicken noodle soup. To this day, her homemade pie crust is the best I’ve ever had.

In the summertime, we would pick fresh strawberries from the garden in our back yard and mix them with a little sugar to top her delicious white cake, then finish it off with a big spoonful of freshly made whipped cream.

As I went through college and got older, staying fit became a passion of mine.


Eating food that would help fuel my body and keep me healthy became more and more important to me as well. However after college, being married with a son meant I had to find balance in my food-healthy enough to make me happy, but tasty enough for the rest of my family to enjoy! Hence, my mission in life, creating healthy food that doesn't taste 'healthy' was born

After having my son, I worked from home as a medical transcriptionist and spent a lot of time at home. Our long farmer’s porch, big yard, and quiet neighborhood, naturally became the place where our friends and family would gather for cookouts, holiday parties, Sunday Funday or play dates for the kids.


This was about the time, I discovered that I have another love: hosting and entertaining people, along with feeding them, of course! I would plan big spreads of food, make long grocery lists, prepare the food and decorate the house. There was something I loved about welcoming people into my home and seeing them enjoy my food while spending time together.

Using fresh, organic ingredients is very important to me, and I choose locally sourced products, when available. I avoid processed sugars and I create dishes and treats with healthy fats and lean proteins.

If you’re looking for a ham sandwich with a side of chips, you won’t find it on my menu. I offer updated versions of classic recipes (my chicken pot pie and noodle-less lasagna), modern mind-blowers (bacon-cheeseburger quinoa) and exciting lunch options (stuffed sweet potatoes, brown-bag burritos, mini cheddar meatloaves).

I like to sweeten things up too! I love creating treats that make me feel like I am indulging in something decadent but without the processed sugars and unhealthy fats you will find in most treats and baked goods. I offer a lot of paleo, gluten-free, and vegan desserts. My crunch bars, PB wow-wows, paleo chocolate donuts, and vegan chocolate mousse are some of my favorite treats.

I cater to almost any dietary restrictions. I can create vegetarian, vegan, keto, gluten-free meals and treats.

I look forward to working with you and making your culinary dreams and events come to life.  

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Made by Katie. Made with Love.